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The Make Happy Club Box #8 plus a surprise! (Warning contains spoilers)

Hello there!

It is here! It’s finally time for our first ever festive Make Happy Club box!

And it is a really special one – because in addition to this months project there is a bonus Christmas surprise (which will only be revealed when you get your box!)

This year has felt very strange running a small business in 2021 is hard not going to lie. It has been very rocky – so thank you so much for being here! It has felt a bit weird coming into the festive season after last years Christmas lockdown – I’ve been nervous like a lot of people that it could all be taken away again.

But I think it’s safe to say now that it is happening this year – Christmas isn’t cancelled!

To help get you into the festive spirit this months project is a bit different from our usual projects as you will be stitching a hanging decoration for your Christmas tree!

Inspired by traditional Christmas imagery but with cool blue tones that are modern and calming – this little decoration combines several different types of embroidery stitches and is very detailed but I promise it is worth stitching…

We will be using sparkle thread again but this time using it just for some tiny details and adding some extra glitz – so if you decide that sparkle thread isn’t for you (I know some people find it a bit tricky) then feel free to leave it out.

The design like always comes printed onto the fabric ready to stitch so there is no need to trace anything, all you need to do is stitch! Everything you need to complete this kit is included in the box.

Once completed you will cut out your design and stitch it to the felt provided. You can then add the stuffing and ribbon to finish your 3D Christmas decoration.

All ready to hang up on your tree with pride!

Now as to the surprise – you will just have to wait and see what it is…

All that I will say is that it is something that isn’t available to buy on the Ellbie Co. website.

It is unique to this months Make Happy Club box and it is just a little Christmas present from me to you!

(I hope you like it!)

Every month £3 from each box is donated to a different charity and in December we will be donating £3 for each Make Happy Club box to Emmaus via the work for good platform.

If you haven’t heard of Emmaus before – you might have visited one of their amazing second-hand homeware stores without realising it! We have one near us in Brighton and it is fab – well worth a wander around, we have picked up quite a few gems from them. But Emmaus are so much more than second-hand homewares – their sole purpose is to support people to work their way out of homelessness, by providing meaningful work, training, and a stable home for as long as it is needed. Lots of people have become homeless during the pandemic and over the festive period when the weather is colder life for homeless people can be even tougher than normal.

If you choose to subscribe this month then you will be actively helping Emmaus to continue their work supporting the number of people in the UK who have nowhere to live this Christmas. Whilst also stitching something that will make you feel good too! You can find out more about Emmaus here: or feel free to visit one of their stores near you. And if you would like to learn more about Work for Good click here:

If you would like to find out more about the Make Happy Club box please click here:

Subscription sign ups open on the 1st of December and will be closing earlier this month on the 15th of December.

Our subscriptions start at just £18.99 a month and this is on a no commitment basis (so you can cancel your subscription easily at any time).

Happy stitching and hope you enjoy the first festive Make Happy Club box!

Love Becci xx



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