The Make Happy Club Box


The Make Happy Club box is a new monthly subscription box where our subscribers get a brand new surprise project to stitch each month that not only helps with their mental wellbeing but helps others too.


Make Happy club boxes don't just aim to brighten up your letterbox! They also will make other people/animals happy with £3.00 from every single box sold being donated to a new charity each month via work for good. 

Because we all need a little bit more happiness! 

Each month, we'll learn different stitching techniques together but they will always be really simple to do and they will always look beautiful on your wall or make lovely gifts for friends and family.  Whilst fundraising money as a stitching community for a new charity each month.

To try and be as eco friendly as possible and give more to charity our boxes do not contain lots of unnecessary extras (that usually end up in the bin anyway!) instead they have one beautiful stitching project that you will be able to finish in a month! It will come with everything that you will need to complete it, packaged in stunning eco-friendly packaging. Occasionally we may sneak some extra goodies in there but these will be sporadic!

This little happy box is a way to disconnect and have some mindful moments immersed in a new creative project, whilst also finding out about some fantastic charities who spread happiness! 

Each box will be themed differently every single month and will include: 


  • A beautiful stitching project with everything you need - either embroidery or cross stitch (it will vary)

  • Clear full colour photo instructions to help you finish your project

  • Illustrated information about the charity that the make happy club box is supporting that month

  • Access to our subscriber FB group for project support and general chit chat

  • Custom printed rainbow box to keep your project together each month

  • Full size A4 patterns so they are clear and easy to read

  • Video tutorials to help you get started with your new project

All of our boxes will be hand designed and put together in our tiny rainbow studio here in the UK and will be £18.99 a month! 



Frequently asked questions

What is the make happy club box? 

It is a monthly stitching subscription box - we hand design gorgeous stitching projects every month and explore lots of different stitching techniques, whilst also discovering fantastic charities and enjoying a moment of crafting mindfulness together!

We make happy things for you to stitch and and by buying the box you make a different charity happy too! 


Who is the make happy club box for? 

Anybody who wants to try a new hobby, have a monthly mindful stitching surprise and be a part of a community of stitchers who are making the world a bit happier! All of the projects are designed with beginners in mind so they are clear and easy to follow relaxing projects to make - but we will be exploring different stitches and types of projects along the way so if you are a more experienced stitcher then don't worry you will still be learning as well! All of our boxes are suitable for ages 14+. 


Yes! The project included in the box each month will be unique - some of the projects we may choose to sell later on as separate kits on our website but only after our lovely make happy club box members have recieved their box first (after the subscription month has ended!)

Why should I subscribe?

The Make Happy Club box will be an amazing community of like-minded stitchers who are making happy projects and also makingsome lovely charities happy too!  Subscribers also benefit from getting these brand new kits first before they are available to anyone else! We want The Make Happy Club box to be a community of crafters where you can explore a new stitching hobby, stitching helps with anxiety, and crafting in general can really improve your mental health and happiness. This little box will hopefully bring you a monthly mindful crafting surprise whilst you can also feel good about helping other people/animals too! 

Can I find out what the project is for the month before it arrives?

Yes you can - we share spoiler blogs on here each month so if you are curious you can take a look and find out what project is in the box that month! However we won't be sharing any details on social media about the project until after it's been posted - so you can choose for yourself if you would like a surprise mystery project or if you want to sneak a peak on our blog to find out the project for the month! It's up to you! Personally we prefer having a mystery surprise it's more fun that way! 

Where are the video tutorials?

We will be posting them to our Ellbie Co. Youtube channel a week after the boxes have been posted out! 

Will you reveal how much is donated each month?

Yes absolutely! We will share a monthly blog post with more information about our chosen charity for the month that we will be donating to through the workforgood platform and at the end of the month we will update this with the final amount raised for that month.  You can find out more about work for good here: 

How will you choose a charity?

We will choose our monthly charity based upon our theme for that months box - and we will only be working with charities on the work for good platform. This is due to the complex legal issues surrounding working with charities - you can see all of the charities on the work for good website! 

When are subscriptions open?

You will be able to subscribe from the 1st of the month until the 20th of the month and  any subscription sign ups after the 20th  will not recieve the  subsequent months box and instead will recieve their first box a month after. For example if you subscribe between 1st May - 20th May then you will recieve your first box in June. But if you subscribe in June then you will recieve your first box in July.

When will the boxes ship?

We’ll be shipping boxes around the 30th of each month (28th/29th for February!). Shipping should take 3-5 days for the UK and 7-10 days  for international orders.

Are these available Internationally?

We can ship internationally to USA, Canada, Australia and the Channel Islands, but please be aware of delays to some international destinations because of Covid 19 and shipping is a bit more expensive. In the future we’re going to do our best to bring this international shipping cost down.

How much is postage?

UK (and Channel Islands) standard 2nd class postage will be £3.25 and for international standard (7- 14 day delivery) it will be £12.50  (USA, Australia and Canada)

Why don't you ship to northern ireland?
Due to Brexit sadly complicating things. Whilst Northern Ireland is a part of the UK it is aligned with the EU in some respects. We are currently not able to ship to Northern Ireland at this time due to possible future changes in October 2021 following the Brexit EU grace period. Once things are clearer if we are able to, we hope to open up shipping to Northern Ireland once again!

Do I need to be in to recieve my box?

The boxes will be letterbox friendly so you don't need to worry about missing a delivery!

When will I be billed each month?

You’ll be billed on the anniversary of your sign up date this will be monthly. 


You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time, you have until the 20th of each month to cancel it for the next month’s box. Just email us at with your cancellation request and we will confirm the cancellation for you the same day.

Can I buy a one off box?

Yes, you can take out a monthly subscription and then cancel it before the 20th of the month.

By subscribing you consent to recieve 2-3 emails a month including our Make Happy Club newsletter and occasional details about upcoming offers. We will never distribute your information to third parties and you are always able to opt out and unsubscribe it you so wish!