Our Kickstarter

We had the idea back in December 2017 that we wanted to create a craft kit that could be compltely personalisable but also would be easy for beginners to use. 

After working on this idea for 6 months we had created a way to transform our customers selfies of their family, friends and pets into a unique cross stitch kit! We stitched up four samples in our favourite colour options and decided there and then that we liked the end results so much that we wanted to launch these kits as a product on our site.  

orange stitch a selfie kit

On the 1st of July we launched our first kickstarter campaign our aim was to raise enough money to create a range of Stitch a Selfie cross stitch kits in a variety of different colours. We had a modest goal of £500 which would help us to launch our first few kits in one colour option.

After launching on social media  - with our fantastic communities support within 6 hours we had smashed our goal and were fully funded! 

After adding a series of stretch goals by the end of the campaign we couldn't believe it we were 497% funded and had unlocked 4 different colour options for the Stitch a Selfie cross stitch kit in Blue, Teal, Pink and Orange! 

You can see the video of our campaign down below! 

Kickstarter heroes

We couldn't have reached our goal with our amazing backers - below are just a few of these kickstarter heroes!

Thank you so much for supporting us - you made Stitch a Selfie happen!

Abby Pagano
Kat Burleigh
Ryo and Lyds
Miranda H
Laura Littlefair
Jay Lewis
Jacquelyn Hardrick
Linda Skilton
Debbie Nerdasm

Mandy Turner
Sandra Abshire
Emma Skilton
Charlotte Colins
Kimmy Rocket
Jo Fisher
Krystal Kathleen


Phoebe Cross
Amy and Anthony (The A team)
Lisa (@thehippychick)
Hayley Law
Suzy Wilson
Simon Protheroe
Rachel Hutchin
Leigh Salter
Kate Smith
Amy D
Sophie Gore
Alice Porter
Carl Ford
Ruth Davey
Helen Marriott
Andi Cassidy

Rachel and Andy Hutchin

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It's great to meet you! 
We now ship to the UK, USA and Canada!
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 Stitching for good
Click the link  for more information about our charitable donations via work for good: 
Charitable donations
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