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The Make Happy Club Box #7 (Warning contains spoilers)

Hello! I hope you are having a lovely week!

Welcome to box number 7 of the Make Happy Club! This year is zooming by...quite literally and we are getting closer to Christmas!

With the changing weather suddenly getting colder and the longer dark nights, November can be a bit of a hard month for a lot of us! The November Make Happy Club box is inspired by the idea of smiling through the hard times and enjoying being present.

The design for this months kit came about after a lovely green frog that lives in my garden surprised me one evening by suddenly leaping up into my lap (it gave me a bit of a fright!) I love how nature is all around us - you don't need to be in the woods or deep countryside to have it fall into your lap haha! Our next stitching project is cross stitch. For this design we will be doing only whole stitches and following a counted cross stitch pattern together - there will be no metallic sparkle thread this time! So it is a bit easier to stitch than our last cross stitch project!

The little frog is sitting under her umbrella and smiling in the rain - thinking of plans to turn her dreams into reality. Despite the bad weather she knows that the bad times don't last forever.

The pattern for this project is counted and easy to follow using the A4 pattern provided. Once you have learnt the stitch needed following our photo instructions, then it is simply a case of following the pattern and watching the design come to life. And the kit comes with everything that you need to complete your design.

Subscriptions open on the 1st of November 2021 and will then close on the 20th of November 2021 with the first box being sent out end of November ready for December!

Every month £3 from each box will be donated to a different charity and this month for any subscription sign ups in May we will be donating £3 for each Make Happy Club box sold to Just a drop via the work for good platform.

Just a drop support communities around the world with access to sustainable safe water solutions, sanitation facilities and knowledge of safe hygiene practices

So if you choose to subscribe this month then you will be actively helping them to continue their fantastic work. Whilst also stitching something that will make you feel good too! You can find out more about Just a drop here: And if you would like to learn more about Work for Good click here:

If you would like to find out more about the Make Happy Club box please click here:

Happy stitching and hope you had a wonderful halloween!

Love Becci xx



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