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The Make Happy Club Box #4 (Warning contains spoilers)

Hello! I am writing this Make Happy Club box reveal whilst melting in the 30 degree heat in the Ellbie Co. studio - I hope you are enjoying the heatwave and a bit cooler than me!

We are now at Box #4 on our stitching journey and so far in total we have already raised as a creative community £267.00 in total for various charities! Time is flying by and I can't believe we are on box #4 already! But I am very excited to be able to finally reveal to you what we will be stitching in August....

The August Make Happy Club box is heavily influenced by the topic of mental health. An issue that has only recently in the last few years started to be openly spoken about. The design for this months kit is based upon how lost you can feel when you are struggling with your mental health but how if you reach out there is always somebody out there who will be willing to listen and guide you back. It is all too easy when feeling anxious or depressed to feel completely alone and isolated. When in reality most people have experienced some form of mental health issue at some point in their life. It's actually really common, as common as a cold! But because it isn't spoken about as openly and the symptoms can't always be seen it can feel very very lonely dealing with your mental health or knowing who to speak to when things get hard. I wanted this kit design to be be a reminder to either yourself or your friend or family member that even when they feel completely lost - there is always hope and there is always somebody else out there who will understand how you feel and will be able to help you. You are never as alone as you think you are. Our next stitching project will be embroidery. (The make happy club box will vary between cross stitch and embroidery each month) For this design we will be doing some of the basic stitches of back stitch and satin stitch that we did in box #2 but we will also be using french knots - these are a little bit trickier to master but I already have created a video tutorial on Instagram that you can watch to guide you through if you find them a challenge! Forr this new design I have created a beautiful galaxy print fabric with rich purples, deep blues and pink tones for you to stitch on! The hands are holding each other to represent reaching out for help and being there for each other - they are finely lined in back stitch to capture lots of detail. They are then surrounded by a background of stars, and an adorable little planet. It is a striking piece of embroidery with lots of little details that you only notice as you get closer to the piece.

The pattern for this project is already printed onto the fabric to make things nice and easy. (no tracing needed!) Once you have learnt the stitches needed following our photo instructions, then it is simply a case of following the pattern on the fabric and watching the design come to life. A bit like paint by numbers! And it comes with everything that you need to complete your design.

Once stitched this design will look stunning hung up in a hallway or a living room wall. But it could also make a great gift for anybody that you know who is struggling a bit with their mental health.

Subscriptions open on the 1st of August 2021 and will then close on the 20th of August 2021 with the first box being sent out end of August ready for September!

Every month £3 from each box will be donated to a different charity and this month for any subscription sign ups in May we will be donating £3 for each Make Happy Club box sold to Mental Health Foundation via the work for good platform.

Mental Health Foundation are a charity that take a public mental health approach aimed at prevention for mental health issues. They do this by finding solutions for individuals, those at risk and for society, in order to improve everyone’s mental wellbeing. Their vision is to achieve good mental health for all by helping people to understand, sustain and protect their mental wellbeing.

So if you choose to subscribe this month then you will be actively helping them to continue their fantastic work. Whilst also stitching something that will make you feel good too! You can find out more about Mental Health Foundation here: if you would like to learn more about Work for Good click here:

If you would like to find out more about the Make Happy Club box please click here:

I can't wait to see your boxes arriving and stitched up pieces!

Happy stitching!

Love Becci xx


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