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Crafting fun in our new Facebook group!

I tried a few years ago to create a Facebook group for our newsletter subscribers however I was working part time still and I struggled to commit the proper time to the group, so unfortunately it fell to the wayside. However times have changed... And fast forward 3 years and I am lucky enough to be working on Ellbie Co. Full time (yay!) So I'm giving this facebook group lark another go!

I've always wanted to have a friendly facebook group for Ellbie Co, a space where we can share stitching tips with each other, take a look at each others makes and hype each other up! It's going to be a lovely little space where us stitching enthusiasts can gather together and plan meet ups, do live stitch a longs and just generally have a little giggle!

If you would like to come and join in here is a link to the group it's called the 'Ellbie Co. crafting group!' Can't wait to see you in there! Love Becci x



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