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The countdown is on...

Wow the days are flying by. I can't believe it's already halfway through May! Where is the time going this year? There are only 6 days left to go until subcriptions will close for the first Make Happy Club box!

We are currently at £72.00 in terms of donations for our chosen charity this month (Friends of the earth UK) which is amazing! Just goes to show what we can all do as a creative community whilst just doing something that we love (lots of stitching!) This months project is a really beautiful but simple kit if you want to find out more about it please click here

There will be lots of support and advice in our facebook group as we all stitch up this months project together! I can't wait to see these little boxes arriving and your finished makes hung up on your walls.

If you are a bit worried about signing up for a subscription service - please know that you can always cancel easily by just emailing us if you aren't happy! We don't have a notice period for subscriptions to be cancelled as they just roll on month to month. You can also try out one of our other stitching kits first instead to get a taste of the style of our projects!

The kits every month are exclusive to the subcription box subscribers and whilst some of the designs may be turned into kits for our shop in the future - not all of them will be! Subscriptions will close on the 20th of May and then will reopen again on the 1st of June. With the first boxes being posted on the 31st of May! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Becci x



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