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Is Cross Stitching a Cheap Hobby?

Is Cross Stitching a Cheap Hobby?

Embarking on a new hobby often comes with cost considerations. But how expensive is it?

5 cross stitch projects of portraits, very realistic photo realism purple guinea pig blue cat pink women, orange couple and black grandparents

Here's why cross stitching is budget-friendly:

  1. Basic Supplies:

  1. Long-lasting Materials:

  • A single skein of embroidery floss contains multiple strands, providing ample material for numerous projects.

  • Quality fabrics and threads ensure that finished pieces endure over time.

  1. Reusable Tools:

  • Embroidery hoops and needles are reusable for multiple projects.

  • Once you invest in these tools, they become long-term assets in your crafting endeavours.

  1. Free patterns:

  1. DIY Framing:

  • Save on framing costs by using the embroidery hoop to frame and hang your finished piece!

To sum up cross stitching is as expensive or cheap as you want to make it really!


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