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Is Cross Stitch Harder Than Embroidery?

Is Cross Stitch Harder Than Embroidery?

The debate between cross stitch and embroidery often centres on their perceived difficulty levels. Let's delve into the intricacies of both crafts to settle the debate once and for all - which one is easier!

Cross Stitch:

  • Structured Simplicity: Cross stitch is renowned for its structured and straightforward technique. Stitches are formed in a grid pattern, making it easy for beginners to grasp.

  • Counting Challenges: The main challenge lies in counting threads accurately, especially in more intricate designs. However, with practice, this becomes second nature.

A dark green aida with the phrase I like you a latte cross stitched in rainbow thread with a cross stitched coffee cup with two ducklings


  • Versatility: Embroidery encompasses a broader range of stitches and techniques, offering more creative freedom. It allows for free-form stitching and embellishments.

  • Learning Curve: While basic embroidery stitches are approachable for beginners, mastering advanced techniques may take more time. Embroidery is often considered a lifelong learning journey.

embroidered cherry blossom tree on a watercolour background with a bluebird sat in the branches

Comparative Difficulty:

  • Subjective Perception: The perceived difficulty depends on personal preferences. Some people find the structured nature of cross stitch easier to pick up, while others may enjoy the artistic freedom of embroidery!

  • Skill Progression: Cross stitch may be considered easier to start, but as both crafts offer a spectrum of complexity, embroidery can become equally accessible with dedicated practice!

Basically to sum up whether cross stitch is harder than embroidery or vice versa depends on individual preferences and the specific skills that you are looking to develop!

Both crafts offer unique challenges and rewards, making them suitable for crafters with varying levels of experience. Why not give them both a try to decide for yourself?



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