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Crafting Advent calendar 2021

It's back! The advent calendar is back!

Apologies in advance for chatting so early on about Christmas - I realise you are probably much more excited about summer and enjoying the hot weather than planning for the festive season at the moment....but I'm far too excited to wait until winter to talk about this. If you didn't know already - every year I launch an Ellbie Co. advent calendar full of crafting goodies - and this year is no different. Our advent calendar is always based around a different theme each time so that you can keep stitching and making long after Christmas is over - so far we have had rainbow woodland and mythical creature themes. This years theme was suggested by Anna a lovely customer of ours and was voted most popular on our Instagram account. Drumroll please.... This years theme is.... * Polar nights * Think cute arctic animals, stunning polar landscapes, warm woolly mittens, delicate snowflakes and sparkle!

Everything in this years advent calendar (like all of the advent calendars before!) is hand drawn and designed by myself. There will be 12 full craft kits - including embroidery, cross stitch and felt kits! And all of the kits are completely new designs PLUS 12 bonus crafting goodies- including bonus patterns, stationary and other crafty bits and bobs! These will all be packaged up by hand into individually numbered paper bags and then placed into a printed cotton tote bag - ready to be unwrapped as you count down to the big day!

Each advent calendar takes a very very long time to make - as I'm sure you can imagine! So they are only made in a very limited number each year and once they are gone that is it - we won't be making any more of that theme again. They will be available to pre-order on the 1st of August at 10am - each advent calendar will cost £89.99 including free postage (if you are based in the UK) All advent calendars will be shipped out early/mid November so that they arrive in time for the Christmas countdown! I hope you enjoy them and they make you smile - we definitely need all the extra joy that we can get after these past few rocky covid filled years. Love Becci x


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