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'Stitch a selfie' - We need your support!

We all love to take selfies and photos of our friends, pets and family - and even the photos that we look a bit daft in we will still keep on our phones to laugh at later on. But after a while those pictures get forgotten.. lost forever... and even our best selfies just get stuck up on social media to gather likes and then never be seen again! My partner Mike and I wanted to create a way to turn those funny memories into a mindfulness activity - that would be fun and relaxing to do but would also be a beautiful way to preserve those fun memories in the real world (not just on social media!) So these past 6 months we have been working hard to create a fully customisable cross stitch kit - Mike has learnt how to code cross stitch patterns and I've been working out colour pallettes and stitching up samples! After all that hard work we have a made a cross stitch kit called 'Stitch a selfie' - we are now able to take any photo in any format and transform that image into a stylised cross stitch kit for you to stitch up! Like all of our crafting kits - 'Stitch a selfie' has been designed with the beginner in mind and contains clear easy to follow instructions and only uses 8 colours and whole stitches! Yes it is a bigger project and it will take a while to complete - but the process is exactly the same as our smaller cross stitching kits!

It works like this: STEP 1: You take a selfie STEP 2: Send us your selfie (via email) and pick a colour from our available options. STEP 3: We turn your selfie into a cross stitch pattern and custom stitching kit! STEP 4: We post it to you and you stitch it up! STEP 5: Hang your finished cross stitch on the wall to be admired! Exciting times! But being a tiny business we can't launch this exciting new kit into the world without some help - (this is where you come in!) We are launching a kickstarter campaign for Stitch a Selfie! We will have some fantastic rewards for you in return for your pledge to help us make this kit a reality! But we also need your help to share and support the campaign! Our target to raise is £500 and this will allow us to create our first batch of stitch a selfie kits in the teal colour option. For every £500 that we raise past that goal we will then be able to release the other colour options of pink, orange, blue, green and purple! Check out our stretch goals down below:

You can watch the video of our campaign below and check out the kickstarter campaign here:

Please share the link to our campaign with your friends, family, co-workers and anybody else that you think might be interested! And help support our dream to bring this project to life! Lets make 'Stitch a selfie' a reality and turn our forgotten photos into pieces of art that we can treasure forever! Love Becci xox

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