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Stay weird - DIY patch kit

We have a range of embroidery patch kits - for beginners to get started with embroidery! All of these patch kits were created with a different message behind each one - and little by little I'm going to be explaining the meaning/thoughts behind each one! The second kit is our Narwhal patch kit!

Narwhals are without a doubt one of the oddest most magical creatures of the animal kingdom. It's a unicorn whale hybrid and it is also a rare and endangered creature. We wanted to create a patch to remind people that it's okay to be weird - we all are after all! And to encourage people to embrace their weirdness hence 'stay weird'. Because of how rare and wonderfully odd Narwhals are they seemed to be the perfect creature for this patch! Being weird is a superpower - because it is what makes you unique and it gives you a different perspective on the world. We are all weird in our own unique way whether it be by being passionate about something, dancing a little strangely or having a quirky sense of humour. Weirdness comes in different forms and instead of isolating people because they are a little bit different we should embrace each others differences because by embracing them then we are all free to express ourselves fully! So thats what this patch kit is all about - a reminder to stay true to who you are and know that being weird is normal and amazing. Cling onto it and stay weird! It's a happy multicoloured reminder that is also a cheerful way to add a little something to clothing, bags or you could just leave as is and frame this little cutie! (Our patch kits are all easy to make - and only use two different types of embroidery stitches. Which we explain how to do! So if you fancy making a little Narwhal for yourself or a friend, don't be put off if this is your first time doing embroidery. They are easy peasy to make - it's essentially like colouring in the lines of the design with thread...relaxing and simple to do!) Make happy and stay weird! Love Becci xox Spead a little kindness and make happy!


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