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Recent Posts

The best rainbow crafting supplies on the internet!

February 26, 2018

Because we all know the best things in life come in rainbow form! 

1) Glitter fabric - I can't get enough of this stuff just think of the possibilities... 
Click here to get your hands on some sparkly magic fabric!



2) Rainbow washi tape - add it to anything and it instantly brightens up up any boring day to day objects that you might have - plus it's easy to apply and mess free to remove it! 
Click here to check out this super cute rainbow tape kit 


3) Rainbow yarn - If you are just starting out learning how to knit or crochet - I highly reccommend using colourchanging yarn such as this one because not only does it create beautiful things but also you can easily see each stitch as you go along! 



4) Rainbow pom poms - These are so cute and can be added to any outfits that you like or even around photo frames. Check them out here



5) Rainbow embroidery patch kit - This kit can be turned into a patch that you can wear afterwards, and it's an easy introduction to embroidery! Take a look