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5 Things to do instead of scrolling social media

We are all guilty of it! Myself included. You have a spare half an hour in the evening and instead of doing anything productive or beneficial we just sit and scroll through facebook or instagram - not even taking anything in...looking at endless age old memes and adverts. It's not a great use of time - but it's also not great for our mental health or concentration span. Here are some ideas of how else you could spend that time: 1) Read a book Too often we make excuses that we don't have time to read...but if you added up all of the time spent scrolling, that could equal quite a few finished books over the course of a month! For cheap books check out Amazons used books section, organise a book swap with your friends, pick up books in a charity shop or the best option is to go to your local library (click here to find out where your local library is!)

2) Call your friends This is something that I need to do more of too! Instead of stalking them on social media or sending them occassional facebook/whatsapp messages. Give them a quick ring and find out how they are. Speaking to loved ones and hearing their voice can be a real mood booster. Something that a typed out message just doesn't give you. 3) Make something It doesn't have to take a long time and you don't have to be a wizard at crochet to start crafting! Plus it can make you feel super chilled out during the crafting process and satisfied once the project is finished! Winner all round! Here are some ideas of projects that you could make

4) Send your friends a card It takes five minutes to write a card and pop it in the post. But that card might be stood up in the recipients house for up to a month as a little reminder to that person of how loved they are. Scrolling on your phone or making somebodies day? It's an easy decision to make. Here are some great cards to inspire you! 5) Get out the house and go for a run/walk Even 15 minutes of exercise has been proven to increase dopamine levels and make you feel happier - plus you get fitter too, which is always great news. Stick on a podcast and get out there! Hope these help give you some alternative ideas of things to do when you get the urge to scroll! Love Becci xox


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