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The tiny creative business lifestyle

When you work for yourself your days are different to the 9-5 more than likely your hours more look like 9-10pm (2am if you get excited about a project! 3am if you can't stop thinking about ideas)

It's hard to explain to people why you work way more hours than they do for ( especially in the beginning) for a lot, lot less pay. But the reason is simple! Passion (and a touch of madness!) When you run your own business it takes over your life. I mean this in a good way! If it doesn't then you probably don't care about it enough or it's just a hobby business. It's like you have a little animal gnawing at your insides all the time. You want to make things constantly and you get bored easily. The thing is money and pretty things don't satisfy that desire to create. Instead the only thing that will soothe it - is if you make something and you put it out into the world and you get to watch it grow. It eats into your thoughts when you go to bed at night, at the weekend when you go out for the day you see things that might inspire your next collection or give you ideas for packaging. You meet people who are the same as you and spark off of each other over coffee and cake. You go running everyday to clear your head - but it turns into a a clear space for coming up with ideas that makes you run faster so that you can get home and work on them! You worry about getting enough orders or what your competitors are up to. All whilst comparing yourself to them (even though they have been doing it 4 years longer than you!) Your year is planned 6 months in advance at least and you constantly wish their were more hours in the day. You might work a part time job - to keep things going, something which you are very grateful for during the 'dead' weeks without orders. Packing boxes on your floor and handwritng notes to customers. Your desk is the corner of your lounge or kitchen or bedroom, because you can't quite afford studio space yet - but one day it will happen! You cry when you have your firsts, and celebrate with a little happy dance - your first email sign up, your first order, your first customer photos, your first wholesale order! YES you did it! Running a small creative business is hard. Behind the rainbows and smiles and other social media stuff - are real people making it up as they go along and trying out what works and what doesn't - it's not a job, it's a lifestyle that you live as you try to create your dream job. If you are thinking of doing it - go for it. Your only regret would be if you didn't try. Love Becci xox

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