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Reasons to love yourself!

So it's valentines day - that lovely soppy time of year when you get to tell that special someone in your life how much they mean to you. Whether you have somebody to celebrate it with or you don't - this year lets mix things up a bit. Instead take today as a day to remind yourself how great YOU are. You don't need chocolates and roses and supermarket teddy bears to tell you that you are incredible and that you deserve to feel loved by yourself.

So here are a few tiny reasons why you should celebrate how much you love yourself this valentines day! 1) You are one in a 7.442 billion people - there is nobody else out there like you or who can even come close to being who you are, that in itself is pretty special! 2) You can positivley make an impact on everybody around you. So when you love yourself - it gives other people the confidence to love themselves too. That is some powerful magic! 3) You’re not perfect. PHEW! Pressure’s off. You’re not perfect and that is OKAY. If everybody was perfect the world would be pretty darn boring - beauty and interest is in the flaws! 4) You are strong and resiliant. Everybody goes through something at one point or another in their life that is a struggle. But the fact that you are here reading this blog post - shows that you have stuck it out. You are a fighter! 5) Your beautiful body shape that is uniquely and utterly you. Curves, bumps, humps and all – woweee you are stunning!

6) Your perspective on the world. It’s not like anyone else’s. It’s what makes you unique andit gives so much to the world. Thank you! 7) The way you are able to give love, feel love and spread love around. You make love happen! Before you can give love to somebody else you have to love yourself - and know that you are enough. So this valentines give yourself a big hug and remind yourself just how amazing you are! Love you loads Becci xox


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