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Be Kind - DIY patch kit

This month some brand new craft kits have landed in the shop! Including our three new DIY patch kits. All of these patch kits were created with a different message behind each one - over the next few blog posts we will be revealing what these messages are and how they came about! The first kit is our rainbow patch kit!

Rainbows are amazing they come about when sunlight and rain combine in a very specific way. Revealing the colours in the white light that we don't normally get to see! We wanted to create a patch to remind people that you never know what somebody else is going through - and because rainbows are often hidden in white light - we thought they make the perfect patch for this idea! Somebody might look completely normal and happy on the surface but underneath we are all rainbows dealing with our own problems and worries. Whether that be work worries, sexuality, mental health, family, loneliness, relationship problems or even simpler money troubles. You never know what somebody else might be dealing with. Another persons worry could seem like the most trivial small thing to you - but to them it's huge and feels like its taking over their world. Be kind. Even if somebody is acting out of sorts, being grumpy or not wanting to engage. Simply by being kind you can be certain you aren't adding to that persons stress or worries. And hopefully by being kind you might even be making their day a bit brighter! Yay! So thats what this patch kit is all about - a reminder to be kind and know that whatever your worries - we all have them at some point or another, you aren't alone! It's a happy multicoloured reminder that is also a cheerful way to add a little something to clothing, bags or you could just leave as is and frame this little cutie! (Our patch kits are all easy to make - and only use two different types of embroidery stitches. Which we explain how to do! So if you fancy making a little rainbow for yourself or a friend, don't be put off if this is your first time doing embroidery. They are easy peasy to make - it's essentially like colouring in the lines of the design with thread...relaxing and simple to do!) Spead a little kindness and make happy! Love Becci xox


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