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Why you shouldn't aim to be happy?

A few thoughts today on happiness as I sit at my desk designing more packaging! Society is strange in the sense that it seems to focus on 'being happy' and how we should try and 'focus on our own happiness' (There are a few of the endless repetitive memes that fill my instagram feed on a daily basis sigh) But the trouble is society hasn't properly defined what happiness is. We always seem to be chasing happiness and yet it is so hard to define that it's an almost impossible task. Is happiness a feeling? overwhelming contentment? love? a smile? Even the best moments can be ruined by thoughts of 'am I happy?' or 'am I happy enough?' which then leads to discontentment. The truth is that happiness is different to different people and can't be defined as one overarching feeling. Take me for example - I particularly enjoy making things, completing goals and challenges that I set myself. My idea of hell is just sitting, relaxing and watching telly. Instead I get my happiness from obsessing about projects, coming up with ideas and working very hard late into the night! I like to be interested in things, I like to learn and make and do. And yes sometimes it's tiring and hard, and I don't want to do it (hello accounts...yay) However the by product of me completing goals that I set myself and making things - that results in me being contented - which I equate to being happy.

But everybody is different, it might be for you that swimming or reading is what does it. It could be that you have no hobbies and love sitting and playing games on the computer or just hanging out with friends. The point is that there is no one-size-solution-fits-all for finding happiness. Which is why those memes and motivational quotes etc are just such garbage. Because you shouldn't aim to be happy - you are more than just happy. Instead - aim to be you. Aim to find out what makes you: excited, interested, engaged, motivated, passionate, scared, keen...etc... When you find those things - then happiness will just happen as a side product of everything else. Whereas if you search for 'happiness' - an entity we can't define. You are more than likely going to loose. Because you will try to reach for other peoples definitions of happiness that may not neccesarily fit you. Make your own happiness through finding out what you enjoy about life. Don't just 'be happy' - Make happy Becci xox


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