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Five amazing rainy day makes

It's July - so in typical British fashion it has been pouring down with rain most of the day! Whenever it rains in Brighton - there also tends to be a lot of strong wind too. Which makes going outside not much fun. However - it is the perfect excuse to snuggle up inside, crack open the craft cupboard and try out some new makes. Here are some of my favourites - and most of them are perfect for little ones to have a go at too! (with adult supervision) 5) Rainbow Tassel necklace This necklace looks beautiful and only takes an hour or so to make! All you need is some embroidery floss, scissors and a curb chain in either gold or silver! Hobbycraft have a great tutorial here

Making necklaces at the Ellbie Co. Launch party!

4) Animal pom poms These are adorable! And you could even sew a few onto a headband perfect for festivals! Tutorial can be found by Mr Printables here

3) A little raincloud... Bring the rain indoors but in the best way possible! You can make this using any scrap fabric that you have lying around. I like to use fabric I've salvaged from clothes that I no longer wear! It gives them a new life and it looks really pretty hung up by a desk! You can read more about this ladies experience of making a little cloud here

2) Mini Pinatas It's easy to forget about the rain outside when you are making such colourful happy faces! I'm biased obviously because these are one of my products! But they are easy to make with children as a fun activity to do together - and look brilliant hung up, it's like every day is a party! Click here to see more of them!

1) Sharpie tie dyed pillow case It's tie dye but with less of the mess and all of the rainbow colours! I have used sharpies several times to tie dye things - it worked well on a pair of white shoes - but these pillows are amazing and really easy to make! Watch the video tutorial here.


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