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Ritual embroidery bundle

Ritual embroidery bundle


Create beautiful artwork for your wall whilst having mindful time for yourself, and saving money with this Ritual embroidery kit bundle that comes with all 6 of our Ritual embroidery kits included.

Finding time for yourself everyday by spending a few minutes dedicated to a mindfulness activity like embroidery can help to relax the mind and ease anxiety. 

A ritual embroidery kit is a daily embroidery, for you to spend just a few minutes a day stitching to help create a daily mindfulness ritual. Watch your embroidery artwork grow bit by bit, and you will be able to see the reward of giving yourself a few mindful moments every day.

Each kit comes with full colour photo instructions and uses only 3 different embroidery stitches perfect for embroidery newbies to get started!


And the other amazing thing about this kit bundle is that the design comes pre-printed onto the fabric so no need for tracing! Yay!


Each kit contains: 
Embroidery thread, thread card, sewing needle, pre-printed fabric, 3inch embroidery hoop, instructions.

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