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Rainbow kawaii faces thread organiser

Rainbow kawaii faces thread organiser


Keep your thread or yarn organised with this adorable thread organiser! 

These perspex discs are the perfect reusable solution for your thread organisation. Each disc is a different colour and engraved with a different facial expression - for added whimsy. They are made from frosted perspex which is incredibly smooth and robust to use, plus the thickness of the discs also helps to prevent threads tangling.

You will recieve 8 discs in rainbow order (as shown!) attached to a metal loop. The loop itself is hinged so you are able to take the discs off and use them individually if you so wish!

To use them loop your thread through the larger hole and voila! 

It's perfect for keeping any odds and ends of thread that you might have organised ready for your next project. The faces also work perfectly if you are crafting a mood blanket and wish to create a yarn colour code!

Each disc is 4.5cm in diameter, has a 1cm thread hole and a 6mm hole to slot onto the ring. The ring itself is 6cm in diameter. There’s also plenty of room on them to put little stickers of your colour numbers and symbols on the back of the discs.

Never get in a tangle with your threads again!

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  • Safety information:

    Warning choking hazard - this item is not a toy and is only suitable for ages 14+ years. It contains small parts which may pose a potential choking hazard. Keep out of reach of children. This product is nickel plated.

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