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'Craft your own happy'
by Becci Mai Ford

Ellbie Co. founder Becci has written a book! It is a cohesion of crafting and mindfulness and contains lots of beautiful projects where the process of making is just as fun as the end result! This is her first venture into being an author and she is very grateful to be given this opportunity by White Owl publishing. 

About the book

Craft Your Own Happy is a collection of mindful craft projects to make you smile! Perfect for those moments when you need a bit of self-care and relaxation time.

Do you ever feel like you spend too much of your day staring at screens, feeling anxious or stressed out? If the answer is yes - then you need this book! The cute colorful projects have all been designed with the feel-good-factor in mind. Crafting can help to take you away from the worries and pressures of your daily life, and give you back those moments of slowness and focus which can help to reduce anxiety.

Unlike other craft books, this is a book that you can dip into and find projects based upon how you are feeling. So you can craft to suit your mood! There are 25 beginner friendly projects to choose from including cross stitching, embroidery, paper craft and more… Why worry when you can craft happy!

About the Author

Craft your own happy book by becci mai ford

Becci Mai Ford is a smiley maker who loves color. A keen crafter who enjoys making a mess, Becci started crafting at a young age and hasn’t stopped since!


She is now the founder of Ellbie Co. a mindfulness craft kit company that aims to spread happiness through making!

Inspired by all things cute and a desire to combat anxiety by crafting. Becci currently works in Sussex out of her tiny rainbow filled studio space.


Where she designs new crafty projects, blogs and tries her best to brighten as many peoples days as possible. She is making life up as she goes along - and so far it’s been a lot of fun!

Here are some of the makes included in the book...

These are just a tiny taste of some of the makes included in this book - as you can see there is a big mixture using all sorts of mediums including resin, cement, clay, embroidery, cross stitching and more!

Concrete planter cute
Rainbow cross stitch project kawaii
Clay Diorama craft project
Resin glitter clock

Reviews so far...

'This book is full of cute ideas my favourite being the mini flower wall Instagram style in miniature as well as the embroidery hoop art as I love doing those already as well as cross stitch which she also included crafts for.

Using a rainbow of colour this book will help use your creative time to try and help mental health as Becci talks of her own anxiety struggle previously I too agree craft can be a fabulous distraction and makes you produce something beautiful with all the time not spent worrying instead!' Eve on

"I love a book that crosses talking about mental health and well-being with practical ways of caring for them. This is more than just a craft book, although the crafts are gorgeous and quirky there is also reasoning behind the makes and how they assist in practicing “Mindfulness”.


The introduction gives a brief description of how the projects can help calm an anxious mind. The projects themselves are of varying difficulty levels- I especially enjoyed the look of the cross stitches (even though I have never done one before! Shock horror) , the pressed flower phone case and the Pom Pom foot stool (currently browsing Amazon for a Pom Pom maker).


After beginning to make the Yarn Wall Hanging I can say that the directions are simple and easy to follow and I loved the pictures throughout the book.

I cannot wait to buy this book for a wonderful friend who I think will love it (and really benefit from it ) too" Paula on 

Becci Working from home cutting felt at desk

"Crafting is the perfect distraction for a busy mind"

"This book is beautiful!

I love the combination of mental health and crafting was lovely and so well thought out. there is something for everyone in this book. The author includes personal stories and information that has helped her though bad moods and anxiety. The photos are stunning and so vibrant, you can't help but smile when you look at them .

I can't wait to get stuck into crafting some of these beautiful patterns, especially that pom pom footstool." Rachel on

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