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Eight ways to show your friends appreciation!

Got a friend that you don't see very often? Or maybe you just want to shower your appreciation on your close buddies? Heres some ideas of how to show them that you care...

1) Send them a card A nice little pick me up in the post, not too expensive and easy to do - sending a card can make the recipients day! You don't have to stick to a standard old supermarket card either - there are loads of funny original cards online that you can personalise and make extra special! 2) Pick up the phone and call them We get so used to sending messages on whatsapp nowadays that we never call anymore (I am guilty of this!). But the best way to connect with somebody and to make them feel loved is to hear their voice. Go that little bit further and pick up the phone!

3) Cook them dinner As it says on the tin - or rather the oven (hehe!) Nothing says appreciation like a good meal! Find out what their favourite meal is and invite them over for some tasty food and an evening where they can relax! 4) Surprise visit them This one can be easier said than done - especially if your friend in question lives in another country. But if you have the funds available and the ability to do it then it's worth it! 5) Make them something I'm obviously totally biased suggesting this - but there really is nothing nicer than recieving something handmade - knowing that somebody has taken the time and effort to make something special for you. Plus it's a good excuse to take a couple hours to do a relaxing mindful activity for yourself! (And if you don't know what to make - try a craft kit!)

6) Post them some flowers A friend did this for me and it was a lovely surprise! There are quite a few companies now that allow you now to send flowers by post and they usually come in a postal box that can be easily put through a letterbox if the person is away! Flowers brighten up a home and can last for up to 4 weeks sometimes! 7) Sign them up to a subscription box! For the gift that keeps on giving! A subscription box is a fantastic little suprise every single month to remind your friend how loved they are. There are a lot of lovely options out there and they tend to range from £5-£25 a month. 8) Make a happy jar Get some coloured paper and write down as many nice or funny things as you can that you love about your friend. Fold them up and stick them in the jar - they've now got a gift that even on rainy days will hopefully bring them some sunshine! Hope you enjoy these little ideas! Love Becci xox 6) Post them flowersption box!8) Make them a jar of happy thoughts


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