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Free craft kit!

Hey guys, I've been working hard the past few days to make you all a little something! Seeing as it's february at the moment - quite possibly the most miserable month of the's cold, wet, dark and we are all (myself included) still a bit skint from Christmas. I'm hoping this might give you a little bit of happiness! I've made you a free craft kit for those days when you just want to shut yourself away in the warm but still feel a bit productive. It's a downloadable kit - and all you need to make it is a printer and a pair of scissors! Easy peasy! Heres a sneaky peak: RAINBOWSSSSSSSS FOR DAYS!

Rainbow free craft kit

If you want to find out what it is - join the Make Happy Club - (Click here to sign up! It's free!) Hope you enjoy making it and have a happy rest of February - not long now until it's over!

Love Becci xox


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