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Join the make happy club...

UK monthly craft subscription box for adults seeking a new cross stitch or embroidery project every month. £3 from each box is donated to charity each month!

Make happy club box surrounded by stitching projects
contents side angle of make happy club box

Relax into your new stitching adventure, and discover how creative you can be…

….all whilst helping others!

 A monthly box filled with everything you need to stitch a unique kit, exclusive to Make Happy Club members. £3 from each box is donated to a different charity each month.

make happy club box contents diagram

You will receive a monthly stitching kit that contains everything you need to complete your project for only £18.99 a month.

So, you won’t need to waste time gathering extra crafting supplies such as hoops etc to stitch everything up. Instead, the kit comes complete with high quality crafting supplies. That way you can jump straight in and spend more time relaxing and stitching. The Make Happy Club box makes it easy peasy for you to learn a new hobby and get stuck into your new project.

Subscriptions are rolling monthly (unless you opt for the 12 month saver or 3 month gift option) so they are fully flexible and you also have the option to pause or cancel your subscription at anytime.

Previous designs from past make happy club boxes

Every kit is designed exclusively for Make Happy Club members and varies between cross stitch and embroidery.

You will be surprised with a variety of projects on your stitching adventure and will get the chance to learn more about cross stitching and embroidery, plus you will be the first to receive these unique designs and enjoy stitching them! And because they are exclusive to the Make Happy Club you won’t be able to find these stitching kits anywhere else in the world!

happy mind image explaining how relaxing crafting can be

All of the kits in the Make Happy Club box are designed with beginners in mind.

So, you can be sure that none of our projects will be too tricky for you to finish! If you are new to stitching then The Make Happy Club box is the perfect introduction to your new favourite hobby, or if you are an experienced stitcher then you will find these kits lovely and relaxing to stitch. You don’t need to be a stitching expert though to be able to relax and create something that you can be proud of!

stitching for good £3 per box sold is donated to charity each month
All packaging is full biodegradable

£3 from every single Make Happy Club box sold is donated to a different charity hand picked by us each month.

You can find out more about our chosen charity for the month with the included postcard that explains more about them. All you need to do is stitch your new kit and enjoy the feeling of satisfaction that by stitching you have helped somebody else! The Make Happy Club aims to make not just our subscribers happier but also to make the world a happier place through stitching together as a community!


 You can find out more about our chosen charity for the month and see some spoilers of what you will be stitching by visiting our blog*


For more information please see our FAQ here

Join the make happy club today!


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Join the make happy club today!

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